What We Believe

We believe that wedding photos should not be defined by the tastes of your photographer, but rather by the flavor of your wedding day. We prefer to be hands-off, to fade into the background. We are there to observe, to soak it in, to understand and appreciate every nuance of your wedding day so that when you return to your photos in the future, they aren't only pretty, they're real. We understand that the relationship between photographer and bride/groom requires a great deal of trust. As photographers, we also understand that the exchange goes two ways: we offer you our best photos, you offer us the opportunity to share in extremely special moments. The resulting relationships are ones we sincerely treasure. We believe that great relationships are worth celebrating, and that this is what a great wedding is—a celebration of meaningful relationships. As wedding photographers, we believe that our job is to see, feel, and save these celebratory feelings, not to manufacture them. So if we photograph your wedding you can expect a few things: We will be a fly on the wall, always present, never obtrusive. We will listen. To you, to your wedding ceremony, to your toasts, to your music. We will laugh when everyone laughs and we will hold back tears when you kiss your partner or dance with your father. We will treat you and your wedding day like you are our family.

Who We Are