When it rains, dance in the mud.

Here I am, back on the blog train. Glad you’re reading this. So in the year since Brett and Caroline’s wedding in Nashville, TN, this photo has grown to be one of my favorites. It’s not the most beautiful, most dramatic, or most fashion-forward photo of all time (in fact, it’s quite the opposite). It is, however, a beautiful representation of what I believe is an awesome way to approach a wedding.


Brett and Caroline’s wedding was scheduled for a summer afternoon in Nashville. Summer in Nashville certainly has the potential to be stunning and sultry, one of those days where butterflies and bunnies flutter and hop through a field of perfectly green grass. This day, however, was not that. The flip side of the weather coin in Nashville is that when you’re not frolicking around with the butterflies, you’re likely to be hunkering down out of a huge thunderstorm. And indeed, a huge thunderstorm is what Nashville offered up on Brett and Caroline’s wedding day.

This is the radar on my phone right as Brett and Caroline's wedding reception was about to start.

This is the radar on my phone right as Brett and Caroline's wedding reception was about to start.

Much like life, there are two very different ways to react to a pure washout. Brett and Caroline handled it flawlessly. Instead of wallowing in the imperfection of a rain-soaked wedding, they chose to embrace it wholeheartedly. By the end of the night, the dance floor was entirely mud-covered. I’d ditched my nice dress shoes for a pair of sneakers I kept in my car, and many of the guests–bride included–decided to just ditch the shoes altogether. I’ve never experienced a group of more joyous people huddled together under a tent.

So sure, this image isn’t the prettiest. But for me, it’s a reminder to keep dancing even when it pours. Perfection isn’t the point of a wedding (or of anything, for that matter). Rather, I believe, it’s the about the pursuit of joy. This is a joyful image to me.

Don’t be afraid to dance in the mud, even if you’re wearing a wedding dress.