The story of your relationship is unique. It is nuanced and meaningful, full of inside jokes and little anecdotes that photos alone can't fully capture. Even though we're sort of biased towards photography, we get that. Engagement documentaries are our way of completing the puzzle. Your engagement documentary can be presented in two main ways: videos and books. Below are samples of what an engagement documentary looks like.



Most importantly, an engagement documentary comprised primarily of your voice telling your story. First, we record a casual, fun conversation (audio-only, radio-style). We try to keep it very enjoyable and informal. Then we combine the audio from the interview with images from your engagement portrait and your own personal photos to create a narrative that presents your story in its most authentic form

These pieces are perfect for showing at rehearsal dinners, receptions, sharing on your wedding website, or holding onto as a reminder to you (and maybe your kids) of why you decided to get married in the first place.





An engagement documentary book is comprised of a magazine-style written narrative, which pulls from elements of your interview to create a truly custom, highly personal memento.

As with the engagement documentary video, the book combines engagement photos with your own personal photos and scrapbook items to represent your story as authentically as possible. We handle your story with the same editorial professionalism and care that a magazine editor handles a feature. 

These books are wonderful coffee table companions to a custom-designed wedding album. They are also great for displaying for your guests at rehearsals and receptions, or as gifts for family members. This is a unique, heirloom keepsake that can be passed down for generations.



Click through the slideshow to see and read a finished engagement documentary book sample: