Your photos are your memories.

We believe that the images we produce should serve as a reminder of rich, real memories. We believe that your story should be out in front, that it should drive the nature of the content we create. Our work isn't limited to jpeg's on a jump drive–we create comprehensive documentary products that are designed to preserve the true essence of your story as you experience it. Our philosophy is born of the idea that your relationship with your partner is unique, valuable, and worthy of celebrating. Oh yeah... and we love to party.

Always Attentive

At weddings, we prefer to be hands-off, to fade into the background. We are there to observe, to soak it in, to understand and appreciate every nuance of your day so that when you return to your photos in the future, they aren't only pretty, they're real.

Never Obtrusive

We understand that the relationship between photographer and subject requires a great deal of trust. We also understand that the exchange goes two ways: we offer you our best photos, you offer us the opportunity to share in extremely special moments. The resulting relationships are ones we sincerely treasure.


Totally Real

We believe that great stories and great relationships are worth celebrating, and that this is what a great wedding is—a celebration of meaningful relationships. As storytellers of multiple mediums, we believe that our job is to see, feel, and save these celebratory feelings, not to manufacture them.