Your story is unique.

We believe that any content–photos, video, etc.–works best as one part of a larger storyteller's toolbox. We create comprehensive documentary products that are designed to tell your story from every angle, and from your own words.



We started as a photography business, and this is still our bread and butter. We believe that your photos should be defined not by the tastes of your photographer, but rather by the flavor of your story. At weddings, we prefer to be hands-off, to fade into the background. We are there to observe, to soak it in, to understand and appreciate every nuance of your wedding day so that when you return to your photos in the future, they aren't only pretty, they're real. Our portraits reflect the same attention to the individuals we work with. No two weddings or portrait sessions are exactly alike; we work to make sure the images we create reflect the uniqueness of the persons in them.

Documentary Audio

Stories are nuanced. They are full of details, inside jokes, little pieces that don't always come across in photographs. At every phase of the process, we offer you the opportunity to share these nuances in your own words. From interviews to wedding day sound-gathering to post-wedding story sharing events, adding voices and sound to your story ensures that every element of it is preserved.


Photo Booth

Anybody who's ever taken a selfie knows that photos can be an active part of the party! Invite your guests to pose for a shot (or five) in our fully-lit, staffed photo booth, then watch as the photos are beamed live to a 50-inch LED tv screen in the middle of the party. We'll provide a ton of fun props and a dry-erase board to write messages. Think of it as a dynamic, real-time guestbook. Our photo booth is unfailingly a highlight of any party. Afterwards, all the photos are uploaded to a gallery where you and your guests can order downloads and prints. New profile picture, anyone?

Documenatry Video

When combined with other storytelling tools, video can add a dynamic dimension to your story. Our video work is done documentary style. It is designed to work with the other elements of your story. We believe while moving images can be engrossing, they deserve to be created with great care and sensitivity. We bring the eyes of visual journalists to our video work and craft a theater-quality documentary.

StoryTelling Events

Really, what's the point of preserving a great story if you don't get together with your favorite people and relive it? In an era where photos and videos are dumped onto Facebook and forgotten forever, we think that this element–reliving your story with actual people deserves a nod. Whether after your wedding or simply when all your family/friends are in town, bring your favorite people and memories–photos, home videos, etc.– to our studio (we'll provide drinks/snacks) and we'll host a sharing party. If you choose, we'll record the conversations and include them in the final documentary products we produce.