Ben McKeown

Ben McKeown is the owner and founder of Organic Exposure. At age 13, he began working as a photo assistant to his mother, also a wedding photographer, in Raleigh, North Carolina. At age 21, he founded Organic Exposure and has been working as a professional photographer ever since. Ben also works as a freelance photojournalist, sports photographer, editorial portrait photographer, and multimedia producer. In this capacity, he’s worked for recognizable editorial clients and organizations including The New Yorker, The USA Today, The Washington Post, Belmont University, The Nashville Symphony, The News and Observer (Raleigh, NC),  the Independent Weekly (Durham, NC), NC State University, and Appalachian State University among others. You can see Ben's other work at



Mallory Magelli

Mallory Magelli is the manager at Organic Exposure. She helps make sure that everything runs smoothly, doing tasks such as corresponding with clients, changing camera batteries, even fetching snacks for brides on their wedding day. Mallory is a graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School and works full-time as a hospital chaplain. She is a passionate and consummate listener, a quality she brings to all her work, including with Organic Exposure. She grew up next to the beach in Wilmington, North Carolina and loves nothing more than sitting in the sand on a summer afternoon. If you have questions about Organic Exposure, what we do, or how we approach our work, Mallory is happy to answer.  


Kaitlin McKeown

Kaitlin McKeown is a professional photojournalist and frequent second-shooter for Organic Exposure. She works as a staff photojournalist for The Daily Press in Newport News, Virginia, where she’s covered a wide array of subjects, including presidential speeches, military events, college sports, and southeastern Virginia’s Hampton Roads community at large. As Ben’s sister, she shares a similar outlook on photography, particularly about its capacity to act as a tool for storytelling. Like both Ben and Mallory, Kaitlin is an avid runner, and currently leads the group by a long shot in half-marathon finishes with eight (and counting).  You can view Kaitlin’s photography work at her website,